Welcome to D.A.R.K. Horse & Cattle Co.

A "Dark Horse"
an underdog, the little guy, who achieves unprecedented success.

I, Cheryl Lehmann, began the sole proprietorship, D.A.R.K. Horse & Cattle Co. located near Kenton, Manitoba, Canada in 2015. D.A.R.K. is an acronym for my children's names: Davin, Amalee, Ryker & Kassadee. I believe in investing in my children and their futures - D.A.R.K. Horse & Cattle Co. will one day be their company. D.A.R.K. Horse & Cattle Co. aims to grow into an unprecedented success through my successes and the successes of my "little guys".

What does success look like for D.A.R.K. Horse & Cattle Co.?
  • Respectful horses with quality bloodlines excelling to their full potential in a manner that best showcases their natural abilities.
  • Cattle with performance and strong cow families with exceptional udders
  • Open and honest communication with customers while delivering superior customer service
  • Camaraderie and competitiveness fostered in an environment of mutual respect through a humble attitude

Please navigate through the site and check out all of the prospects and our pride and joy Hickory ValentineDoc.

Feel free to call, email or arrange a visit...I would say come visit anytime however I am a road runner so you may only be greeted by four dogs in my absence! Disclosure - Horse Work Before House Work Applies In Our Home. :)

Thank you for your time and interest in D.A.R.K. Horse & Cattle Co.'s programs. Please check back often as new pictures, video and updates will be added

Cheryl Lehmann Box 65 Kenton

Cheryl Lehmann
D.A.R.K. Horse & Cattle Co.
Box 43 Kenton, MB Canada R0M 0Z0

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